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Daily cleaning of your denture(s) is vital to prevent the build up of plaque, calculus and stains, not only on the denture itself but also on adjacent natural teeth. These deposits create problems in terms of appearance, mouth odour and also contribute to irritation and infections such as denture stomatitis, candida, gingivitis or periodontitis in the adjacent mucosa and remaining natural teeth.

Toothpastes should not be used to clean dentures as they contain abrasives which can scratch the surface of a denture; there is also strong evidence to suggest that surface roughness is associated with microbial attachment, particularly Streptococcus oralis. When cleaning dentures you should use denture cleaning tablets because they cause significantly lower surface abrasion than toothpastes, require less effort and reach surfaces on the denture that may be inaccessible by brushing. After cleaning at night dentures should be stored in a container of fresh cold water. Always rinse them under cold tap water over a plastic bowl filled with water and never wash dentures in an empty sink because if dropped, they could be damaged.