Monarch Dental Services
Monarch Dental Services always uses the highest quality materials available. These include:

Model Stone
  • Fujirock
Crown and Bridge Alloys
  • Schottlander Fidelity White casting allowy types 3 and 4
  • Schottlander Yellow casting alloy type 3
  • Schottlander Fidelity G60 Yellow casting alloy type 3
  • Schottlander Matchmate 610 White porcelain bonding alloy
  • Schottlander Matchmate Bio G Yellow porcelain bonding alloy

Crown and Bridge Porcelains
  • Schottlander Matchmaker Porcelain
  • Willi Geller Creation Porcelain
  • Noritake CZR Porcelain

Chrome Cobalt and Prosthetics
  • Cookson 17ct Dental wire 1.0mm
  • Vitallium Cobalt Chrome
  • Ivoclar Vivodent Teeth
  • Schottlander Delphic Teeth
  • Schottlander Natura Teeth
  • Schottlander Enigma Teeth
  • Schottlander Pegasus Denture Base
  • Dentsply Lucitone Denture Base
  • Molloplast B Denture Soft Lining Material
  • Flexible Denture Material

Mouthguards, Nightguards, Bleeching Trays and Retainers
  • Erkodent Erkoflex Mouthguard Blanks
  • Erkodent Erkoflex-Bleach Bleacing Tray Blanks
  • Erkodent Erkoflex Retainer Blanks
  • Erkodent Erkoflex-Pro Diagnostic Bite Raising Blanks
  • Erkodent Erkoflex Template Blanks
  • Erkodent Erkoflex-95 Nightguard/Bruxism Material