Monarch Dental Services
Monarch Dental Services is pleased to offer a direct patient service for denture repairs.

We offer the following services to patients via their dentists:

We make dentures to replace just one tooth to all the teeth in a patients mouth. Dentures are normally made from plastic denture bases and plastic teeth. The plastic teeth vary in colour (shade), shape (mould) and size. The more expensive teeth look more vital and livelier. So as to reduce the size of the denture and the amount of soft tissue covered by the denture base some dentures can be made from a metal called Cobalt Chrome which will reduce the bulk of the denture. We hold a large stock of 1000's of teeth in our dental laboratory.

For more information on Dentures see the separate sections on Denture repairs and Denture care.

Crowns and Bridges
We make crowns (single teeth) and bridges (several teeth) from a variety of different materials. Tooth coloured crowns and bridges are normally made from porcelain with a substructure made from metal or Zirconia. The disadvantage of metal substructures is that a grey line can sometimes be seen on the gum margin where as if made from a substructure material of Ziconia this is tooth coloured so there will be no unsightly grey margin between the crown and gums. We can also if required make metal crowns in either a gold or silver colour.

We have experience with all the recognised implant systems and construct implant retained crowns, bridges and dentures.

Sports Mouthguards
We make Playsafe Mouthguards. For further information see

Anti-Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Appliances
We make the Silensor anti-snoring appliance. For further information see