Monarch Dental Services
Monarch Dental Services prides itself on offering dental practice clients and private patients the highest standard of workmanship. Our experience, knowledge and skill, combined with our fully equipped laboratory facilities and latest industry technologies, delivers satisfaction and reliability with every commission.

We offer the following range of products:

Dentures and Cobalt Chromes
We make both acrylic based and chrome cobalt based dentures. We keep a large stock of Schottlander Delphic , Schottlander Natura and Ivoclar Vivadent teeth and use Schottlander plain or veined acrylics or Dentsply Lucitone high impact acrylics. We process injection moulded Ivocap acrylic dentures and Flexite flexible denture materials and make Chrome Cobalt castings using the excellent Vitalium alloy. Monarch Dental Services can also carry out repairs, relines and additions to acrylic and chrome cobalt dentures.

Crowns and Bridges
We make Veneers, porcelain Crowns, porcelain fused to Ziconia substructures and porcelain fused to precious and non-precious alloys. To achieve naturally looking restorations we use Schottlander Porcelains, Willi Geller Creation Porcelains and Noritaker CZR Porcelains which are processed in Austromat D4 vacuum porcelain furnaces.

We make removable and functional orthodontic appliances as well as aligners and retainers. We offer a full orthodontic service including the construction of aligners constructed from Erkodent Erkodur, removable appliances, functional appliances, fixed appliances, glass clear retainers constructed from Erkodent Erkodur and angle trimmed study models cast in Bright White Fujirock.

Anterior Repositioning Splints
We manufacture these appliances using pressure forming to create a strong and glass clear appliance.

Bleaching Trays
Our Bleaching Trays are made from high pressure thermoforming machines which uses 7 times the power of vacuum forming machines and achieve a very accurate fit with minimum thinning of the material during the process. We use Erkodent Erkoflex-Bleach to make our glass clear bleaching trays.

We are familiar and have experience with all the well known implant systems and contruct implant retained crowns, bridges and dentures.

Nightguards and Clench Inhibitors
We make a range of different nightguards and clench inhibitors from various different materials depending on the nature of the patients grinding habit. We use hard Erkodent Erkodur blanks, Erkodent Erkoloc-Pro Hard/Soft laminated blanks, Erkodent Erkoflex 95 blanks and Erkodent Erkoflex-82 blanks.

De-Programming Appliances
These are designed for patients to wear for 12 hours prior to having neutral bite registration taken. We use Erkodent Erkoloc-Pro blanks to make them.

Bite Raising Appliances
We make a full range of bite raising appliances using clear heat cured acrylic resins.

Model Duplication
We can accurately duplicate models using Denstply Austenal Polyflex Agar Agar melted in Harnish and Rieth D-D860 Agar Agar machine or if duplicating a model with restorations on it we use Erkodent Secosil A+B Silicon duplicating material.

Tooth Jewellery
We can construct Jawals removable tooth jewellery. The gems and stones are mounted on a clear micro-skin so that they can be easily inserted and removed by the wearer. For more information see

Anti-Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Appliances
We make a range of these appliances including the Erkodent Silensor and Silensor SI, Seyadr (Modied Herbst) and Glasgow Appliance, under the specialist Silensor brand. For more information see

Sports Mouthguards
We make a range of sports mouthguards which comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Legislation under the specialist Playsafe Mouthguards brand. We manufacture mouthguards using Erkodent Erkopress 300tp pressure forming machines which produce a far more accurate and comfortable than by using conventional vacuum forming machines. For more information see